Who should you invite to your wedding?

So, you are now thinking about the all-important question 'who should I invite to my wedding?' 

Since you were little you have probably been putting people on the wedding invite list as you have dreamt your way through to your big day. But who knew that the reality would be very different? 

I suggest you start with your first draft putting people into evening and day guests. The way I decided who would be day and who would be evening came down to this question:

‘Would I take you out and buy you dinner?’

If the answer was yes, then they were a definite yes! If the answer was no, then they were put straight on the evening list. 

When you have a large family, this question can be a little tricky so just go with what your heart thinks is right and know that it is ok not to invite every long-lost cousin. Would you be invited to their special day??

Right here is your first draft now add up the total of guests and have in mind that most venues charge around £80 per head. Therefore, it is really important to have a budget in mind from the offset as you will soon see the numbers adding up and it can be terrifying. 

Now you don’t need to send those all-important save the dates out until 8-6 months before your big day this gives you plenty of time to get a little harsher with that gust list and work out who wants to be a part of your big day. If there is a friend on that day list that you have been umming and arring over for a while and they haven’t made any effort or you haven’t seen them then put them on the evening list. 

I did this with two of my ‘friends’ and they declined the evening invite as they thought they should have been invited to the day. Needless to say were not close now and you soon realise who really wants to celebrate your wedding no matter the invite. 

I hope these top tips will help with your guest list decisions and just remember as long as you and your Fiancé are married at the end of the day then nothing else matters :)

Bridie xox

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