So he has finally asked the question and I SAID YES!! What now?

CONGRATULATIONS you are now engaged!! 

All those thoughts about where he’s going to ask? How’s he going to ask? I hope it’s not cringey! What if I hate the ring? I definitely want the wedding there and I am going to invite....! If he doesn’t do it on this holiday, then I don’t know what I am going to do! 

YES we have all been there and now you are sat there thinking ok so he’s asked I have told the world and now I have no idea what to do next.

Well I suggest you take a break let it sink in at least for a few weeks! After all you have been wanting to see that ring on your finger for what feels like an eternity and now it’s happened. So yes, you can start your wedding board on Pinterest but enjoy this feeling because the plan is to be newly engaged just once right??!!

So you have done your waiting and enjoying but now you just want to get the hell on with these plans because he shouldn’t of asked if he didn’t want to marry you!! Chill I know exactly that feeling it’s that confused state of mind where your like I have all these ideas I want to tell my now fiancé and he tells me to SLOW DOWN? Why would you want me to slow down when you asked me? Well let’s take two mins to reflect on what your super fiancé has just done:

1, Decided I want this girl to be my wife(pretty big deal)

2, Then decided and planned the most perfect engagement – exactly what you wanted although you didn’t really know it!

3, Said Fiancé has then been and bought a ring with all the pressure of you not knowing so he is effectively keeping one of the most exciting secrets from you just so you can have the proposal you deserve.

4, Fiancé has to part with his hard earned savings because he wants to give you the ring that will make you cry when you see and will forever be on your hand.

5, The overwhelming pressure of asking the father fast approaches and he has to go out of his comfort zone to ask for your hand in marriage 

6, Finally he asks the question, you say YES! He is relieved overwhelmed and damn right exhausted.

So yes you may get a slightly conflicting message as you start to plan but trust me the softly softly approach will win here in the long run so yes dream away but be led by your man for that first step, he does want to marry you, he can’t wait to do it, he just needs a little time.

Bridie XOX

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